Skills & Competences

We are scientists with many years of practical experience in experimental physics at major EU and US research laboratories and in private product development projects. Our wider field of expertise relates to energy and radiation, microwaves and high temperature applications. Coming from nuclear and particle physics research, today we focus on applied physics with specialization in renewable energies, especially solar energy and hydrogen production.

In more than fifteen years of consulting we have experienced that clients hire us
– for our expertise as experimental physicists with practical and interdisciplinary work experience,
– for our capacity to dig deep into a challenge, understand it and identify a satisfying approach,
– for our potential to find inventive solutions,
– for our discipline remaining within a given budget and schedule,
in short for our analysis and problem solving skills.

Besides our training in experimental nuclear and high energy physics we have acquired particular expertise in microwave heating (activities between 1998 and 2005) and high temperature oxidation resistant ceramics (activities between 2003 and today).

After assessing a request, we find often that an extended set of skills and expertise is required. We are working with partners in various areas and in particular we have access to competence at CERN via a specific collaboration contract.

We have learned to understand our clients’ problems, and we have developed the ability to empathize with their constraints. That is, why we can find the satisfying solution – in time and within budget.

Teaching at business schools and organizing training for our clients gave us competences in looking at problems with a business approach and in presenting solutions in an intelligible way.

Selected work areas:

  • scientific consulting and studies
    in applied physics, energy, hydrogen, high temperature applications
  • conception and design
    electro mechanical devices, radiation detectors, ceramics, high temperature furnaces
  • programming
    in C++, Java, FORTRAN…
    experience with data base and analysis systems (SQL, STATA, …)
  • simulations of complex systems
    for example CFD simulations in cooperation with PLS Fluid Dynamics

Our working languages are English, French and German.

Manufacturing of electronic, metallic and ceramic parts is outsourced to long-standing selected subcontractors.

Assembly and testing is done either with and at the client’s site, or alternatively with one of our partner institutions like Fraunhofer IKTS in Germany or HES/SO-HEPIA or University of Geneva in Switzerland.