About us

Creative Services is a scientific consultancy firm.

We help our customers in understanding technical challenges and in finding innovative solutions. Whether it is for the evaluation of the technical part of a business plan or for cracking a technical hurdle in the development of a new product, Creative Services provides its competence to find an answer.

Creative Services provides interdisciplinary assistance: Our expertise in conception, design and development of electro-mechanical devices, radiation detectors or high temperature furnaces has been proven in many projects since the creation of the company in 1995.

As problem solvers we dig deep into the mountain of existing knowledge gaining profound and comprehensive understanding that eventually leads to the identification of the right solution. We conceive, design and realize this solution.

We provide expertise in applied physics, mathematics and programming, modelling and data analysis. Our services range from expert opinions to construction of prototypes. We have worked for private clients, and also for organizations like CERN and WHO.

Creative Services exploits a network of experts and has contacts to universities and research laboratories. Specific work may thus be executed by trainees or postgraduate students. We revert to reliable partners to accomplish particular tasks and to complement our manpower and competence if necessary.

We have been teaching and training, and offer lectures and courses in specific areas.


Creative Services provides scientific and technical expertise to customers in the public and private sector. Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions that comply with business principles and make a (even)small advance towards a better future.


The company was created in May 1995 in the Technoparc Pays de Gex by seven physicists from France, Germany and Sweden spinning off from the European research laboratory CERN.

Creative Services has its office in Saint Genis-Pouilly in France just opposite CERN and a few kilometres outside the city of Geneva in Switzerland.

By today, the company has produced several patents, and the staff is publishing results and findings if these are not subject to intellectual property right regulations.


Dr. Klaus Röhrich
Dr. Klaus Röhrich holds a PhD in physiscs. Twelve years at CERN and seventeen years with Creative Services have given him the maturity to look holistically at a project, seeing not only the technical, but also the economic and the socio-political challenges.

Dr. Harald Wirth
Dr. Harald Wirth holds a PhD in physics. After five years in research he was the first to work in Creative Services. His considerate approach to new tasks is paramount to realistically specifying and executing your project.
Further five associates in the company are:

Doris 200x200

Dr. Doris Forkel-Wirth (German)

Head of Radiation Protection Group at CERN.

michel-buenerdProf. Dr. Michel Buenerd (French)

Michel, ex-CNRS, has been working in research underground (with particle accelerators at CERN) and in space (with the AMS spectrometer on the International Space Station). His private interest is the exploration of the Antarctica.

manfred-deicherPD Dr. Manfred Deicher (German)

Professor at Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany

rudolf-staschDr. Rudolf Stasch (German)

After exploring the real cold (his refrigerator at Forschungszentrum Jülich once held the world record for low temperature), Rudolf has entered the industrial sector and is currently working for a car manufacturer Germany.

olof-tengbaldDr. Olof Tengbald (Swedish)

Profesor de Investigación at IEM-CSIC, Madrid, Spain